• Practice mindfulness + awareness, on and off the mat. Please keep voices down in and out of the studio. It’s very likely someone is using the time to relax or center themselves.

  • Please arrive 5 – 10 minutes early. If you are running behind, know that no entries are allowed five minutes after the start of class. We understand that your meeting ran late, that traffic was bad, or that you really, really need yoga today. In fact, it crushes us to turn you away! But we cannot disrupt the experience for the 20+ other students to let you enter beyond the five minute mark.

  • Take off your shoes at the door and register at the desk.

  • No phone zone! It’s our intention that the studio is a place for you to disconnect from technology in order to connect with yourself. All phones need to be out of the studio room and powered OFF while class is going on. If you need to use your device to send someone a quick text, please step into the hallway to do so.

  • If you use a rental mat, please spray and wipe it down after your practice.

  • Be kind and come with an open mind.



  • Arrive 10-15 minutes before class time to sign-in and be welcomed and oriented to PALM + PINE.

  • We encourage you to expedite your first visit by pre-registering for class using our online scheduling system. SCHEDULE NOW.

  • Age requirements: 10 and older (10- 16 year olds must attend with a parent who can attest to the maturity and fitness level of the student). Anyone under 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent.

  • We offer heated classes, 85- 75 degrees depending on class type. See our schedule for more details.

  • Pre-registering for a class guarantees your spot in class, should it fill up. If you are late or do not show up, your spot will be forfeited to those who are on the waiting list.

  • If you’ve pre-registered and are unable to make it to class, we require you remove yourself from the roster online or email us before class beings. If you fail to do so, your payment will be processed.

  • Wear light and comfortable clothing. You’ll be barefoot in the studio.

  • Bathrooms are available.

  • Be well hydrated and come to practice on a light stomach. (We have Boxed Water, LaCroix and RXBars for sale.)

  • Yoga mats are available for rent for $2/mat.

  • We're so excited to meet you!!