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You own the intensity dial! We encourage you to make conscious choices in each moment, listen to the wisdom of your body and discern if you need more effort or ease. No matter what your ‘WHY’ is for showing up to the mat, we provide options for every body so you can practice for a lifetime vs. a season.

If you’re new or seeking greater knowledge in the development of your yoga practice, we highly recommend booking a private session.


classic Flow

This consistent sequence explores the foundational postures and principles of Vinyasa yoga. The structured framework of this practice supports you in clearly seeing progress over time and leads to greater mobility, flexibility, strength and balance. [Heated to 85 degrees.]


This dynamic practice emphasizes organic teaching, meaning each class will vary, and explores elements of strength, flexibility, stamina and amplifications of postures and breath. This class will encourage you to tap into your unlimited potential! [Heated to 85 degrees.]

Alignment Flow

This practice offers a combination of accessible postures, fluid movement and breath at a slow to moderate pace. Perfect for new or experienced students to build stability and mobility while refining the more subtle aspects of the practice. [Lightly heated to 75 degrees.]

Restore + Renew

This practice explores breath-work, gentle movement and restorative poses. Join us to rest, let go, open up and intentionally fill up on the energy or mindset you want to bring into the rest of your week! [Lightly heated to 75 degrees].


Family Yoga (monthly offering)

This class is a mixture of yoga postures, breathing and mindfulness practices, developmental movement, bonding techniques, song, dance, and play! Intended for kids ages 1 – 7 years old and their caregiver(s).


A cross-training practice that builds cardiovascular health, stability, and lean muscle. With the unique combination of vinyasa yoga and body weight strength training, Flex + Flow is an intense and challenging class designed to strengthen all aspects of a student’s practice: body, mind, and spirit. [Heated at 75 degrees.]

Yoga Nidra (monthly offering)

During the practice, you’ll be guided into a state of conscious sleep that aims to access deeper levels of healing. Performed lying down, you’ll be taken through intention setting, body awareness, breath awareness, emotional awareness, visualization and re-integration. This 90 minute practice will allow you to ease anxiety, cultivate focus and foster clarity.